Way Station Six: Your Deliberation Possibilities

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

The Change Challenge Facing American Christians

We are so grateful to Donald Trump. As we move forward on this crazy assignment, he continues to open our eyes to the challenge you Christians in America are facing.

And the role he may be playing in bringing you to your all is lost moment has now led us to this next way station.

You see, every compelling story has that moment of deliberation after the protagonist bottoms out in an “all is lost” moment. This is when they face the fact that the actions they have taken up to this point haven’t worked at all. That there is no hope unless there is change. They have to reset a course in a new direction, roll up their sleeves and find a new way.

After that is deliberation, “Okay I am going to change, how am I going to change? What tools can I dig around and find that will help me change my behavior?”

Shawn Coyne, Non-fiction Conventions and Obligatory Scenes

This is Way Station Six: Deliberation.

We’ll explore a possible new way for American Christians to change and turn your story around with your God and with your country.

The first consideration in this new direction is this…

Your God May Want You to Try to Reopen the Conversation in America

So, Donald helped us see…

The Love Challenge Facing America’s Christians as the Drama in America Unfolds

And we’re also wondering now — is your God using the Donald as a revealer?

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Help Reveal the Love Challenge Facing America’s Christians as the Drama in America Unfolds

If so, we’d like to show you a way to do this…

Looking Through the Lens of Story Can Help You See a Way to Try to Reopen the Conversation in America

So, if you want to reopen the conversation in America, one of the most important things we discovered is how your God made story to be powerful with human beings. Here are a series of posts related to that…

Did God the Great Storyteller Design Story to Be Powerful With Human Beings?

Story and the Power of Change

We See Our Lives as a Story

The Power of the Plot

The Power of Mystery

The Power of Turning Points and Surprise

And the power of turning points and surprise led us to see a rather astonishing thing about the story in your Bible…

The Black Swan Bible

So, here is a question we’re asking as we look at the Christian story…

Did Your God Give You the Very Kind of Story Human Beings Deeply Desire?

And thanks to Shawn Coyne, this caught our attention…

Does the Story in the Bible Have a Beginning Hook, Middle Build, and Ending Payoff?

So, here is a gift for those of you who haven’t pushed the Bible away, those of you who really love your Bible: We’ll look at your Christian story as told in your Bible using Robert McKee‘s amazing work…

Seeing the Story in the Bible Through the Eight Stages of Story

Stage One: The Audience

Stage Two: Subject Matter

What is the Binary Core Value in the Story in the Bible?

An Index to the Binary Core Value of Loyal Love/Betrayal in the Story in the Bible

Underdogs in the Story in the Bible

Stage Three: The Inciting Incident

Stage Four: The Object of Desire

Stage Five: The First Action

Stage Six: The Forces of Antagonism

An Index to Conflict in the Story in the Bible

Stage Seven: The Crisis

Stage Eight: The Climax

One of the reasons we’re showing you your Christian story here is to point out a question essential to your deliberation —

Will You Continue to Bore People With the Bible?

Because we are wondering — are you showing a lack of understanding of the nature of the story you’ve been given?

So, you may want to consider these guys…

What Would Howard Hendricks Do?

What Would Haddon Robinson Do?

But while you feel the heat of that spotlight, there’s another “big reveal” which swings that spotlight in our direction. You could reveal our big story problem–and begin to reopen the conversation in America.

Our Secular Story Tension

We felt the heat of the spotlight as we began our wrestling match…

Our Struggle With the Major Dramatic Question

…which shined a light on the elephant in our room (if you purpose to know what I’m meaning)…

Our Undefended Space

So, walk with us as we shine the story light into our very dark secular story corner…

Seeing Our Secular Version of the Story We Are in Through the Eight Stages of Story

We are exposed…

Can We Trust Our Brains?

And we want to show you the naked truth which the story spotlight showed us we can no longer cover up. If you want to reopen the conversation in America this may reveal your best way forward…

Risk Assessment for the Afterlife

And once again, the Donald might be a revealer, but this time, a revealer of a way forward…

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Reveal a Way to Help You Try to Reopen the Conversation in America

The Story Tension of Donald Trump’s Christian Supporters

As we said above, your God has given you the very kind of story that human beings deeply desire–an archplot story.

And that made us wonder…Is your support of Trump an indication that you have taken an unplanned migration?

You Have Migrated Into the Minimalist Corner

The Church at Laodicea and the Minimalist Corner

Donald Trump is lots of things. But what has he to do with this? Well, what if your God chose the Donald to reveal?

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Help Reveal Your Migration Into the Minimalist Corner

And as you continue to occupy that dangerous minimalist corner, the spotlight is on you, not the Donald…

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Reveal the Minimalist Corner Betrayal of the Unborn by America’s Christians

Once again, we visit that complicated question of desire…

Was Donald Trump Chosen to Help Reveal What You Want?

Which brings us to a very “big reveal” which is inescapably related to what is ripping your country apart…

Was Donald Trump Chosen to Reveal Your Binary Core Value Problem?