Way Station Seven: Some Possible Choice Options

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

A Cosmic Trump Squeeze?

If your God chose the Donald, what if part of the objective was to squeeze you into making a choice?

Did Your God Choose the Donald to Bring Christians in America to Their Crisis Decision in America’s Story?

We laid out for you in Way Station Six some possible deliberations.

Now, in Way Station Seven, comes the turning point in your story–or not, if you choose not to engage. What will you decide?


It’s Your Time of Choosing

Choice is so key in story, especially a climactic “best bad choice”. From a story standpoint, a best bad choice happens when the master storyteller puts the protagonist under tremendous pressure. And what the protagonist decides under this pressure reveals his true character, his true object of desire.

Put that together with this– in America’s story war, we have come to see that you hold all the cards, since you’ve got the best story. And we got no story. So, if you want, you could keep giving us a free pass on this. But, is that what you really want?

Will You Put the Story Tension on the Table?

If you do choose to put that story tension on the table, here’s an idea. It’s an option which could change the world.

The Chinese Communist Party Has an Undefended Space in the United States

But, if you’re not going to put the story tension on the table, while it’s great for us since it will help us persuade the Central Military Commission that we can continue to win against you without fighting, it may not go so well for you. So, you might want to ask yourselves this…

Are You Sure You Want to Stay in That Minimalist Corner?

And Paula has us wondering about this…

Will David Jeremiah Lead an Exodus Out of the Minimalist Corner?