Way Station Four: Your Bargain

Here, in Way Station Four, we want you to understand that we get it that you wanted to figure out a way to keep your country out of the hands of those you believe are destroying it.

And Donald Trump recognized your anger and your fear. So the famous author of The Art of the Deal invited you to the bargaining table in the 2016 presidential primary.

And you did come to the table. And you did strike up a bargain with Donald J. Trump.

Your Revealing Trump Bargain

And so, instead of putting your trust and hope in your God, you put it in Donald J. Trump. But as you chose to do so, were you aware of who he is and what he wants?

What Does Donald Trump Want?

The Idolatry of Donald Trump

The Contemptomania of Donald Trump

Racism and the Donald

Donald the Liar

And since story is about change — and your God calls on human beings to change — what do you think of this question…

Will Donald Trump Change?