Way Station Five: Your Current and Coming Depression

So, you struck a deal with Donald Trump. And because of that action you took, you might have expected to soar in triumph as you “took back” your country to make it great again.

But, we’re now wondering if your God may have things go a different way for you…

Was Donald Trump Chosen to Help Bring America’s Christians to an All Is Lost Moment?

The all is lost moment is when we discover a lie that we’ve told ourselves and we recognize it for what it is, it’s a lie.

This is Not Normal, by Shawn Coyne

So, perhaps there’s a gap coming your way.

This Way Station will help you see the possible Trump gap in your story. Like Robert McKee says…

What is the Gap?

It is not a gap between what a character wants and what a character expects to happen. It’s the gap between what a character does at a specific moment in life in an effort to achieve what they want. And they take an action expecting that this action will cause a helpful enabling positive reaction in their world. But a gap opens up when the world reacts more powerfully than they expected, reacts differently than they expected and the world certainly does not cooperate with them. The world in fact is antagonistic and thwarts or blocks their desire for what they want. So it’s a gap between action and result, between what a character expects to happen when they take an action and what really does when they do. That is the gap that we’re talking about.

Robert McKee’s Storylogue Q&A: Opening Up The Gap Between Expectation and Result

So, is it possible Donald Trump’s ongoing embrace of revenge could be the basis of the ultimate Trump gap experience?…

Will the Foolish Revenge Wager of Donald Trump’s Christian Supporters Play a Role in the Possible Suicide of America?

And, if the Trump gap opens up, you may feel your stomach flop on this depressing roller coaster with a one way ticket down to bottom you out.

As you begin your descent, these days look to us like a bit of a rhyme with the volatile and violent 1860’s.

The Story of America May Be Rhyming

Do you see this too? Depressing, right? But, that’s only the beginning of this downward spiral. For the reality is, as your civil war illustrated, the quest of America’s founders has always been unfulfilled.

Which led us to this experience…

Your Conflict Over Abortion Opened Our Eyes to How History May Be Rhyming in the Story of America

And now we are wondering…

Could Your Conflict Over Abortion Lead to the Crisis/Climax in the Story of the United States?

Because, is it possible your God is still in this business?

What If Your God Still Judges Nations?

And is it possible your God chose Donald Trump and others to bring about your country’s climactic close?

The Chosen Surrogates

China’s President Xi Jinping May Also Be a Chosen One

Vladimir Putin May Also Be a Chosen One

And this crazy assignment is making us do thinkin’ like Lincoln…

Abraham Lincoln and America’s Repayment Problem

And here’s a scary question…

Is It Possible Your God is Giving You Christians Over in Judgment Because of Your Love Crisis?

Will you ignore this?

A Dangerously Overlooked Change in the Story of America

Well, if you’re not there yet, maybe this will bottom you out–

Was Donald Trump chosen by your God to Untie your United States?

Because, remember, the greatest danger to America is your divided house.

And if you face the reality that the conversation in America is coming to a close, then you’ll see how dangerous the Donald can be…

Donald Trump and the Dangerous Power of His Verbal Actions

And given all this, we are now wondering…

Is Donald Trump the Rehoboam Character in America’s Drama?

Crazy stuff, right? It sure is.