Way Station Eight: Some Thoughts on Both Our Integrations

Do You Want a New You?

Are you tired of Paula and me asking this question again and again? Forgive me, but I must know…

What do you want?

Will you come full circle?

Will you make an exodus out of the minimalist corner?

Will you want what your God wants you to want?

Will you put the story tension on the table and try and reopen the conversation in America?

The answers to these questions bring us to the final way station: Integration…

Lastly, there is INTEGRATION, which I would call the very end of a Story — INTEGRATION dramatizes resolution. We’ve found a new stability, one that is vastly different than where we began. We’ve got a whole new outlook on life and we’re not the same person we once were. At INTEGRATION, we have come full circle and have recovered from the SHOCK of a big Inciting Incident in our life, no matter what, by the end of the Story we will never go back to where or who we were before. 

Shawn Coyne, The Story Grid

We started these way stations with Donald the Chosen. And now we’ve come full circle, to “the end” you might say. And we ponder this crazy question…

Was Donald Trump Chosen To Be a ‘Last Days’ Catalyst in the Unfolding Story of the World?

Speaking of the ‘last days’, we wonder if your great American empire may have feet of clay…

The American Foot Disease

So, I put this before you. Here you are, on the brink of another civil war which could be prevented. Will you follow my best friend Hector Klumpp’s advice?

An Anticipatory Peace Proposal: An Open Letter From Hector Klumpp and the Nihilist Lites of America

Think long and hard on this one, because it could become very serious very quickly…

Captain Levi Preston is Still Out There

Well, since I brought up my best friend Hector, I thought some might enjoy this piece which tells you a bit of his Beefy Nihilism backstory, and how he profoundly changed…

Keeping God Out of Kansas, by Michelle Wildgrass of Nibbling News Service

If Christians in America don’t change, it looks like they may face the possibility of an ironic ending in their story with their God and their country. But, I have my own ironic ending developing too–for I got something I desperately wanted, but I had to suffer tremendous loss to get it.

Still, I think I figured out something my Uncle desired from the very beginning of my assignment–how to stifle the growth of Christianity in China.

Epilogue: Our Ironic Ending on the Run