Thank You, Shawn Coyne

Before we jump too far into our research, there is someone else we need to tell you about, because his quest inspired us. And he is very important to us.

His name is Shawn Coyne, and he’s one of the top editors in America. In fact, he was the editor for Robert McKee’s book, Dialogue.

Shawn Coyne is on a unique quest, which he explains in his book, The Story Grid

When I started out, there were very few people in book publishing who shared what they knew. Almost no one would. So I had to learn 99.9% of what I know and what I write about in this book myself. It took me twenty-two years to do that. And three years to write this book.

I love what l do and I’m not complaining about my life’s path or work. I just think it would have been incredible if there were something like The Story Grid available to me back then.

Shawn Coyne, The Story Grid

I can only wonder what I would have been able to do if I were given access to this information all those years ago. For Free!

And here is a video from Coyne…

Coyne is amazing. What a gift he has given us.

He is offering treasure — for free.

And Coyne has inspired us to pose this difficult question to you Christians—

Are you open to change?

You’ll see in our research we don’t believe you will change.