Lens 7 # Risk Assessment for the Afterlife

Do you want to try and reopen the conversation in America?

Because, if you are giving it some thought, we’d like to tell you about a unique way you could try to begin to do it.

As we told you previously, we came to discover that the greatest danger to your survival is not your external enemies, like our great China, but your internal conflict–your divided house…

The Greatest Danger to America is Internal, Not External

And your country is ultimately coming apart over the intensifying conflict between those who embrace two opposing versions of which story we are in.

America is Ultimately Coming Apart Over Two Opposing Versions of Which Story We Are In

And because of the intensity of your conflict, the conversation in America, vital to the survival of a republic like yours, is coming to a close.

The Conversation in America is Coming to a Close

So if you want to avoid another civil war or a divorce, you have to begin to explore ways you could reopen the conversation.

And we began to see one very unusual approach you could take because of something we have been going through…

Our Struggle With the Major Dramatic Question

So, if you want to reopen the conversation in America this may reveal your possible best way forward…

Risk Assessment for the Afterlife

As Paula and I continue to work on our research, we’re going to begin to fill this up with a whole lot more.