Lens #5 Donald Trump in the Drama of America

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

It was because of our Key Epiphany that we came to see a crazy possibility…

What if your God, the Great Storyteller, chose Donald Trump to play a role as a unique character in America’s drama?

Donald the Chosen

That is crazy, isn’t it?

But because we began to look through the lens of story, we started to ask question like these…

What Does Donald Trump Want?

Will Donald Trump Change?

And those questions led us to wonder…

What if your God chose Donald to play a different role than his Christian supporters in America believe he was chosen for?

Donald the Revealer

What if Donald was chosen to be a revealer?

Was Donald Trump Chosen to Help Reveal What You Want?

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Help Reveal Your Migration Into the Minimalist Corner

Your Revealing Trump Bargain

The Idolatry of Donald Trump

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Help Reveal the Love Challenge Facing America’s Christians as the Drama in America Unfolds

Was Donald Trump Chosen to Reveal Your Binary Core Value Problem?

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Reveal the Minimalist Corner Betrayal of the Unborn by America’s Christians

Donald the Tester

And what if Donald was chosen to put you to a test?

For instance, you struck a deal with Donald Trump. And because of that action you took, you might have expected to soar in triumph as you “took back” your country to make it great again.

But, we’re now wondering if your God may have things go a different way for you…

Was Donald Trump Chosen to Help Bring America’s Christians to an All Is Lost Moment?

The all is lost moment is when we discover a lie that we’ve told ourselves and we recognize it for what it is, it’s a lie.

This is Not Normal, by Shawn Coyne

So, perhaps there’s a gap coming your way.

Like Robert McKee says…

What is the Gap?

It is not a gap between what a character wants and what a character expects to happen. It’s the gap between what a character does at a specific moment in life in an effort to achieve what they want. And they take an action expecting that this action will cause a helpful enabling positive reaction in their world. But a gap opens up when the world reacts more powerfully than they expected, reacts differently than they expected and the world certainly does not cooperate with them. The world in fact is antagonistic and thwarts or blocks their desire for what they want. So it’s a gap between action and result, between what a character expects to happen when they take an action and what really does when they do. That is the gap that we’re talking about.

Robert McKee’s Storylogue Q&A: Opening Up The Gap Between Expectation and Result

So, is it possible Donald Trump’s ongoing embrace of revenge could be the basis of the ultimate Trump gap experience?…

Will the Foolish Revenge Wager of Donald Trump’s Christian Supporters Play a Role in the Possible Suicide of America?

And will that lead you to this?

Did Your God Choose the Donald to Bring Christians in America to Their Crisis Decision in America’s Story?

And if the Donald brings you to your crisis decision, this appears to be very relevant…

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Reveal a Way to Help You Try to Reopen the Conversation in America

Donald the Accelerator

But if you continue to deny your love crisis, what if Donald was also chosen as a unique character to accelerate your Death March into the Danger Zone of the House Divided?

Is Donald Trump the Rehoboam Character in America’s Drama?

Donald Trump and the Dangerous Power of His Verbal Actions

The Contemptomania of Donald Trump

Donald the Liar

Donald the Anger Enhancer

Racism and the Donald

Was Donald Trump Chosen To Be a ‘Last Days’ Catalyst in the Unfolding Story of the World?