Lens #4 Will You Change?

We’re trying to do thinkin’ like Lincoln.

We are so grateful to Shawn Coyne for helping us to see how to shape the material on this web site through The Eight Way Stations of change…

Because what a big idea book is it’s a process of trying to persuade people to change themselves. So we learned from Kubler-Ross how people actually experience change. So if you use her eight moments as inspirations to drive your book and they will progressively lead to hopefully your reader deciding to make a change and those eight stages, these are what I call way stations.

 Shawn Coyne, Non-fiction Conventions and Obligatory Scenes

So we want to know if you Christians in America will change. Because, if you don’t change, we believe we may be able to persuade the Central Military Commission that we can continue to win without fighting and don’t have to go to war with you.

And what if it boils down to a question of desire?

Do you want what your God wants you to want?

What Does Your God Want You to Want?

Because… what if you have a love crisis with your God?

Your Crazy Love Crisis

And what if your love crisis is far more significant than most people recognize?

Because, we’re wondering now:

Will your continued denial of our key epiphany become the ultimate method or means of your nation’s suicide?

Of course, you may be tempted to point the finger in denial at our secular story allies in your blame shifting, but what if the greater burden for your country’s demise lies with America’s Christians?

You Christians May Ultimately Be More Responsible for the Death of America Than America’s Secularists

You see, there is a question we are very interested in —

Will You Continue to Bore People With the Bible?

Because we are wondering — are you showing a lack of understanding of the nature of the story you’ve been given?

You see, your failure to recognize that your God is the Great Storyteller may have played a key role in your crazy love crisis.

And this helped us understand your crazy love crisis…

You Have Migrated Into the Minimalist Corner

And it looks like this has been done before…

The Church at Laodicea and the Minimalist Corner

But if you continue to ignore exploring the possibility that your God is the Great Storyteller, well, we’re wondering about this…

Is It Possible Your God is Giving You Christians Over in Judgment Because of Your Love Crisis?

So, you may want to consider what these guys would do…

What Would Howard Hendricks Do?

What Would Haddon Robinson Do?

And now we wonder if your migration into the minimalist corner led to this…

Was Donald Trump Chosen to Reveal Your Binary Core Value Problem?

Of course, because of the massive change in the story of America, we know about your anger and want you to understand that we get it that you wanted to figure out a way to keep your country out of the hands of those you believe are destroying it.

So, we’ll explore a possible new way for American Christians to change.

The first consideration in this new direction is this…

Your God May Want You to Try to Reopen the Conversation in America

But, that may not be an easy thing for you to do…

The Love Challenge Facing America’s Christians as the Drama in America Unfolds

Yet, if you want to engage that challenge, we’d like to show you a way to try…

Looking Through the Lens of Story Can Help You See a Way to Try to Reopen the Conversation in America

So, if you want to reopen the conversation in America, one of the most important things we discovered is how your God made story to be powerful with human beings. Here again is the series of posts related to that…

Did God the Great Storyteller Design Story to Be Powerful With Human Beings?

Story and the Power of Change

We See Our Lives as a Story

The Power of the Plot

The Power of Mystery

The Power of Turning Points and Surprise

And the power of turning points and surprise led us to see a rather astonishing thing about the story in your Bible…

The Black Swan Bible

So, here is a question we’re asking as we look at the Christian story…

Did Your God Give You the Very Kind of Story Human Beings Deeply Desire?

And there’s another “big reveal” which swings the spotlight in our direction. You could reveal our big story problem–and begin to reopen the conversation in America.

Our Secular Story Tension

We felt the heat of the spotlight as we began our wrestling match…

Our Struggle With the Major Dramatic Question

…which shined a light on the elephant in our room (if you purpose to know what I’m meaning)…

Our Undefended Space

So, walk with us as we shine the story light into our very dark secular story corner…

Seeing Our Secular Version of the Story We Are in Through the Eight Stages of Story

We are exposed…

Can We Trust Our Brains?

And we want to show you the naked truth which the story spotlight showed us we can no longer cover up. If you want to reopen the conversation in America this may reveal your best way forward…

Risk Assessment for the Afterlife

So, now comes the turning point in your story–or not, if you choose not to engage. What will you decide?


It’s Your Time of Choosing

Choice is so key in story, especially a climactic “best bad choice”. From a story standpoint, a best bad choice happens when the master storyteller puts the protagonist under tremendous pressure. And what the protagonist decides under this pressure reveals his true character, his true object of desire.

Put that together with this– in America’s story war, we have come to see that you hold all the cards, since you’ve got the best story. And we got no story. So, if you want, you could keep giving us a free pass on this. But, is that what you really want?

Will You Put the Story Tension on the Table?

And once again, the Donald might be a revealer, but this time, a revealer of a way forward…

Donald Trump May Have Been Chosen to Reveal a Way to Help You Try to Reopen the Conversation in America

But, if you’re not going to put the story tension on the table, while it’s great for us since it will help us persuade the Central Military Commission that we can continue to win against you without fighting, it may not go so well for you. So, you might want to ask yourselves this…

Are You Sure You Want to Stay in That Minimalist Corner?