Lens #1 Your God is the Great Storyteller

This is Our Key Epiphany

Your God is the Great Storyteller

And as your drama in America unfolds, you may want to explore this possibility…

Did God the Great Storyteller Design Story to Be Powerful With Human Beings?

Story and the Power of Change

We See Our Lives as a Story

The Power of the Plot

The Power of Mystery

The Power of Turning Points and Surprise

The power of turning points and surprise led us to see a rather astonishing thing about the story in your Bible…

The Black Swan Bible

So, here is a question we’re asking as we look at the Christian story…

Did Your God Give You the Very Kind of Story Human Beings Deeply Desire?

And here is a gift for those of you who haven’t pushed the Bible away, those of you who really love your Bible: We’ll look at your Christian story as told in your Bible using Robert McKee‘s amazing work…

Seeing the Story in the Bible Through the Eight Stages of Story

Stage One: The Audience

Stage Two: Subject Matter

What is the Binary Core Value in the Story in the Bible?

An Index to the Binary Core Value of Loyal Love/Betrayal in the Story in the Bible

Underdogs in the Story in the Bible

Stage Three: The Inciting Incident

Stage Four: The Object of Desire

What Does Your God Want You to Want?

Stage Five: The First Action

Stage Six: The Forces of Antagonism

An Index to Conflict in the Story in the Bible

Stage Seven: The Crisis

Stage Eight: The Climax

And thanks to Shawn Coyne, this caught our attention…

Does the Story in the Bible Have a Beginning Hook, Middle Build, and Ending Payoff?