We Fight for Love and Meaning

A Message from Chow Non Phat

The story of my best friend, Hector Klumpp, is worth telling. That’s why a native of Nibbling, Minnesota, and a good friend of Hector’s, Kitt Klopp, decided to tell it. And I’m also showing it to you so you can dive more deeply into my story. It’s called…

We Fight For Love and Meaning

Kit is still working on it, but you can download the latest draft from that link.

In the novel you’ll hear the story of how I got my assignment, how I first came to America as a spy with Paula during the Obama administration, how I met Hector, how I saved Hector’s life (at least that’s how he sees it), and how I subsequently sent his life into upheaval when I was exposed as a spy.

You’ll see why we came back to America, and how Hector, Paula and I diverted my enemy Shih Tzu from an assassination attempt. But you’ll also learn why Paula and I had to flee into the Strange Uncharted Mountains. And why Hector had to go to jail.

That’s some of the events of Hector’s story, of which I play an integral role. But I think you’ll be most interested in Hector’s internal struggle. It’s the same struggle for Paula and me, for you’ll learn how Hector navigated the brutal waters of trying to find love and meaning in what we believe is an intrinsically meaningless world.

My hope is this–if you understand Hector’s story, you’ll see much more clearly why Hector is on this new quest..

An Anticipatory Peace Proposal

And I also hope reading Hector’s story will help you understand Paula and I better, for you’ll see our struggle with the major dramatic question.

And that may help you see why Paula and I are on our new quest…

Risk Assessment for the Afterlife