Will David Jeremiah Lead an Exodus Out of the Minimalist Corner?

We are grateful that the Bible King has inadvertently helped lead a caravan of America’s Christians further into the minimalist corner.

That has so opened our eyes to how we may be able to stifle the growth of Christianity in China, while also changing and taking the Christians off desperate ground.

But, you also need to know that our team realizes that the Bible King is a Dangerous Man to us.

You see, Paula discovered something worrisome about the Bible King. It turns out he also embraces the idea that the Bible is a story and that story is powerful. Look what we found… it’s really rather amazing…

The Bible is one book–it has one ultimate author (God) and one storyline with a beginning and an end — but it can also be viewed as a collection of individual books with different authors, settings, and themes.

Dr. David Jeremiah, The Jeremiah Study Bible

In response to those who were suspicious about the power of story to present truth, Lewis said, “Reason is the natural organ of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning.” He was saying that stories can align reason with imagination and mind with emotion. When truth is put in imaginative form, it can be driven not only into the mind but also into the heart.

So I asked myself, Could stories be used to drive the message of Revelation into the human heart? ….

Capturing these players through the lens of story allow Revelation to come to life in a new way. It enables us not only to see the overarching truths of Scripture but also to experience them vicariously. It gives us the chance to see the actions of these individuals up close and personal as they play out his cosmic drama.

David Jeremiah, Agents of the Apocalypse

We have a direct line to the One who knows what happens on the next page because He has written the whole story.

David Jeremiah, Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World

When we hold the Bible in our hands, we aren’t holding an anthology or a bundle of scattered and miscellaneous thoughts. We’re holding one comprehensive, cohesive volume with a logical beginning and ending, telling us one story centered around one Person – Jesus Christ.

It’s as though a Master Author was behind it all, which there was.

David Jeremiah, Journey: Moments of Guidance in the Presence of God

And that makes him a dangerous man — if he ever begins to study Robert McKee and connect the dots.

Because if the Bible King ever comes to see that the Bible is the very kind of archplot story which human beings so deeply desire, well, he is in a position to cause that to go viral in America.

And it’s possible such a thing could help the Christians in America begin an exodus from the minimalist corner of the story triangle. And then America’s drama really could take an unexpected turn in a direction which our Party does not want.

So perhaps David Jeremiah is faced with the same kind of choice facing  American Christians who have been inadvertently led into the minimalist corner of the story triangle…

All Christianity concentrates on the man at the cross roads. The vast and shallow philosophies, the huge syntheses of humbug, all talk about ages and evolution and ultimate developments. The true philosophy is concerned with the instant. Will a man take this road or that? —  that is the only thing to think about, if you enjoy thinking. 

Gilbert K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

And look at this, from an email which he sent to his supporters…

It’s easy to see that integrity is no longer a priority in our world, especially when it comes to business. However, you could argue that integrity is one of the main foundations of a healthy and successful culture.

If you were with us last Sunday, we learned how the concept of integrity is like a beam of light divided into its many colors by a prism. If you direct that light we call “integrity” through the Word of God it reveals all its important dimensions.  

First, integrity means “honesty”—telling the truth no matter the cost. It means telling the same thing to everyone. Integrity means being transparent, too—not living behind a mask; being a real person. It means being honest in all our dealings. But integrity also means being loyal—being a person who keeps his word, being a friend at all times. It means defending the helpless, standing up for truth, being accountable, and not selling out—at any price.

Dr. David Jeremiah, Email, November 8, 2017

And this…

No doubt, the day David fell into sin with Bathsheba was a day he followed his usual routine. He probably had no sense that his entire destiny would change in only hours and that his choices would impact generations to come.

Days of destiny do not typically look much different than other days–until we find ourselves at an unexpected fork in the road with the rest of our years on earth hanging in the balance.

Dr. David Jeremiah, The Jeremiah Study Bible

He doesn’t have many years left, does he?

So, will he go quietly into the West … or will he change and begin to lead America’s Christians on an exodus out of the minimalist corner?

Because he has clearly been thinking about how your story may turn out…

I wish I could announce to you that the decline I have noted in these nine areas is going to undergo a major reversal by such and such a date. But I cannot. No one knows the future. America is at a delicate tipping point in her national life, and only God knows which way she will tip.  

David Jeremiah, I Never Thought I’d See the Day!

The Central Military Commission needs to keep an eye on him.