About This Crazy Site

Greetings! My name is Chow Non Phat, and I am a Chinese spy on the ground here in America.

I also happen to be the author of this web site.

If you want, you can read my full story here. But, with the occasional exception of my best friend Hector Klumpp and his old friend Clifford Bean, it will be me you hear from.

Well, unless you want to include the love of my life, Paula Wong, who is always whispering in my ear.

There is lots to say, but here I’ll try and give you an idea of what you can expect to find on this web site.

As I said, Paula and I — we are Chinese spies, here on the ground in America.

Well, at least… We were Chinese spies.

Now we’re unsure of our status. We’ll have to get back with you on that.

Be that as it may, we desire — like I suspect you do — that the whole world avoids suffering a military conflict between our two countries as we vie for supremacy in this game of thrones.

That’s what we want.

So, I’ll go out on a limb here because: I think you may be interested in helping me.

I need help answering a very important question, a question we were taught to ask by someone to whom we owe an enormous debt of gratitude–the great Robert McKee, the modern Aristotle of story.

McKee helped us to see that we need to know what Christians in America really want, here in the drama of America.

So here’s the simple question…

What do you Christians in America WANT?

Easy, right? Simple. Small. Want is a simple word. A small word.


It may sound like a small thing, but it isn’t.

It’s a big thing.

A really big thing.

And it may sound deceptively simple to answer, but because relationships– like the one you Christians have with your God–are complicated, filled with competing desires, it can turn into a most difficult question. It’s like this scene in your movie, The Notebook…

You see that? She doesn’t know. And, she says she has to go.

But maybe you might want to hang around and think about it…

What do you want? 

That’s the question. It is the first, last, and most fundamental question of Christian discipleship.
In the Gospel of John, it is the first question Jesus poses to those who would follow him. When two would-be disciples who are caught up in John the Baptist’s enthusiasm begin to follow, Jesus wheels around on them and pointedly asks, “What do you want?” (John 1:38). 

It’s the question that is buried under almost every other question Jesus asks each of us. “Will you come and follow me?” is another version of “What do you want?,” as is the fundamental question Jesus asks of his errant disciple, Peter: “Do you love me?” (John 21:16 NRSV). 

Jesus doesn’t encounter Matthew and John-or you and me and ask, “What do you know?” He doesn’t even ask, “What do you believe?” He asks, “What do you want?” This is the most incisive, piercing question Jesus can ask of us precisely because we are what we want. Our wants and longings and desires are at the core of our identity, the wellspring from which our actions and behavior flow. Our wants reverberate from our heart, the epicenter of the human person. Thus Scripture counsels, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Prov. 4:23).

James K.A. Smith, You Are What You Love

So, if you can bring yourself to stick around and face this deceptively difficult question, we think you’ll be glad you did.

For we have discovered that the answer to that question is the watershed which could determine the direction my country may take concerning military conflict with your increasingly Untied States of America.

I know. It sounds absurd that finding out what Christians in America really want as your drama unfolds would be a key influential factor in our military strategy, but it is. And in this site we will be explaining how that is.


Here is Our Big Idea:

If Christianity is the story we are in

What if your God, the Great Storyteller, chose Donald Trump to put America’s Christians to a test as America’s drama unfolds? Will the Christians love their enemies and try to reopen the conversation in America? Or will they reject what their God wants them to want and continue their death march into the Danger Zone of the House Divided?

And what if America may die by suicide, not solely because of our secular story allies in your country and their rejection of your God, but rather, what if the greater burden lies with the American Christians, who have a love crisis with their God, as they keep God at a distance and focus on themselves?

Shocked? I know, it’s a lot to swallow. These were shocking discoveries for us too.

But, I would ask you not to get distracted by Donald Trump and his unforgettable face all over this web site.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

This is not all about Trump. Believe me, we are not obsessed with the Donald. Believe me.

But we are grateful to Donald — and Jerry Falwell, Jr. Together, they have opened our eyes to so many things we would never have imagined.

And as a result of their help, we are exploring the possibility that your God may be the active protagonist in the story we are in.

If Christianity is the story we are in.

So, on this site I’ll introduce you to the epiphanies we have come to see which led us to that shocking big idea we laid on you.

Be warned, these epiphanies may upend your life. Believe me, they sure upended mine. Especially these two shocking questions…

Which story are we in?

Who are we, here in the story?

And by the way, we are so grateful to Shawn Coyne for helping us to see how to shape the material on this web site through The Eight Way Stations of change…

Because what a big idea book is it’s a process of trying to persuade people to change themselves. So we learned from Kubler-Ross how people actually experience change. So if you use her eight moments as inspirations to drive your book and they will progressively lead to hopefully your reader deciding to make a change and those eight stages, these are what I call way stations.

Shawn Coyne, Non-fiction Conventions and Obligatory Scenes

And as you’ll see, it was because of these way stations that we came to see a crazy possibility…

What if your God, the Great Storyteller, chose Donald Trump as a unique character in America’s drama — a character who shines a spotlight on each of these way stations?

So, enjoy looking around this website at the material we uncovered in our research. At the very least, we hope you’ll find it interesting.

And please, come back as often as you’d like. We’ll continue to revise and reshape it, hopefully keeping it fresh and current.

But, we should warn you as you peruse this web site. We will be asking THIS question again and again…

What do Christians in America want?

And as I discover the answer to that question, I’ll pass it on to folks I know in China.

And maybe it will make a difference. Because, if the powerful people I know come to see what you want and come to believe that you aren’t going to change, well, it could back them off from aggressive actions.

But, in all this, we are under tremendous pressure. We, in the Chinese Intelligence Community, are immersed in these pressing questions:

Is there a need for speed?

Or can we continue to win against you without fighting?

Should we force you out of the South China Sea militarily?

Or will you roll off the superpower throne of the world with a whimper as you come unraveled from within?

Seeking the answer to these pressing questions motivates us to continue to press our watershed question upon you. Your answer may deeply influence events in the unfolding drama of the entire world.